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Barton Jones Wines

39 Upper Capel Road, Donnybrook WA 6239

New opening hours and times! 30% off a 12-bottle case continues!

 Our cellar door will be open from 10am -5pm Thurs- Mon. We can do takeaway coffees and soups and you can buy our wines and get the great discounts. We have an exhibition from Yabberup Studio with linens, pottery, cards, chutney and other treats for you to browse and buy if anything tickles your fancy.

From Thurs 21st May we will keep 10-5 Thurs to Mon, and will be bringing back a lunch menu, and coffees/ teas, cakes, snacks and you will be able to purchase will and sit and enjoy our view. As we can only have a maximum of 20 patrons at one time it would be great if you call on the day or email us they day before to let us know you are coming!


We can’t do any wine tasting at the moment, we can sell wines from by the bottle, and case and we are still doing our discounts on a case either at the cellar door or online. Until the cafe opens, we can do takeaway coffees and soups.

After the 18th we are able to do glass sales for onsite consumption.


Per bottle prices for individual wines in a case of 12 with 30% off discount applied


2016 The Box Set Semillon now $17.50 RRP $25
2016 The Shilly Shally Chenin Blanc now $17.50  RRP $25

2015 The The Top Drawer Cabernet Sauvignon now $19.60 RRP $28
2016 The Top Drawer Cabernet now $21.00 RRP $30
2016 The Bigwig Shiraz now $19.60 RRP $28


2019 Sauvignon Blanc now $16.80 RRP $24
2018 Chenin Blanc now $14.00 RRP $20

We have also pre- selected a few cases for you to choose
1. Red Medley $240
4 xTop Drawer Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
4 x 2016 Top Drawer Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
4 x BigWig Shiraz 2016

2. White Medley $200 
3 x 2016 Shily Shally Chenin Blanc
3 x Box Seat Semillon 2016
3 x Chenin Blanc 2018
3 x 2019 Sauvignon Blanc.

3.  Mixed Bag $210 
3 x Sauvignon Blanc 2019
3 x Chenin Blanc 2018
3x Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
3 x Top Drawer Shiraz 2016

4. Chenin- tastic $190
6 x Chenin Blanc 2018
2 x Shilly Shally Chenin Blanc 2016

5. Dry White Medley $200
6 x Chenin Blanc 2018
6x Sauvignon Blanc 2019

6. Oaked Whites $210
6x Shilly Shally Chenin Blanc 2016
6x Box Seat Semillon 2016

7. Best of 2016 $230
3 x Shilly Shally Chenin Blanc 2016
3 x Box Seat Semillon 2016
3 x Big Wig Shiraz 2016
3 x Top Drawer Cabernet 2016

Thanks for everyone’s support so far- we really appreciate it and hope to see you at our cellar door again soon. Don’t forget to follow our social media for updates and email us directly with your orders 🙂

Just as soon as restrictions lift, we will get back to some Sunday Sessions and other events. More news as we have it!

Please email us on info@bartonjoneswines.com.au and we will be in touch with payment details and delivery details!

Thanks all for your support.


We have some of the oldest vines in the Geographe region, planted in 1978.

The maturity of the vines is one aspect which plays an important role in the production of exceptional quality fruit that is a prerequisite for the production of premium wines. Our plantings include Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Semillon and Chenin Blanc which are all well suited to our region’s climate.

The Vineyard is dry grown meaning no additional irrigation is used. Our approach to vineyard management is hands on using traditional viticulture practices; we handpick the grapes at vintage and hand prune the vines in winter.

Our wine is available through our cellar door and selected outlets in Perth and the southwest.