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Henton Cottage and St Nicholas Church Australind

Paris Road, Australind WA 6233

Located on Paris Rd next to the Australind Shopping Centre are the highly significant historic attractions of Henton Cottage  and St Nicholas Church.

Built in 1840, St Nicholas is reputedly the smallest church in Australia at only 3.6 m wide and 8.2 m long. It was built by John Allnutt, who until his death in 1861, led the Congregational worship, and conducted Sunday School. At one time it was home to the Narroway family.

Henton Cottage was built in 8141 by William Dacres Williams as the Prince of Wales Hotel. At a later date, it became Henton Cottage, so named for John Allnutt’s home village in England. At that time, the road between was known as Paris Street and formed part of a grandiose plan then in place for Australind. (This plan can be viewed on the stone memorial on the shores of Leschenault Estuary.)

Its original two rooms came from England as a prefabricated building. Heritage roses that add to its appeal surround the gardens.

Henton Cottage now houses the Australind Tourist Information Centre and Australind Timeless Wares. Browse an array of unique antiques, collectables, crafts, local art, upcycled vintage wares, gifts and tourist information.


Image: Memories of Bunbury