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The Maidens

239 Ocean Drive, Withers WA 6230

A trail through the high sand dunes of the Maidens Reserve offering great city and ocean views.

Start: Maidens Reserve Car Park off Ocean Drive, Bunbury
Length: 1.8km
Surface: Crushed limestone

The Maidens Walk, located in South Bunbury, comprises a series of limestone-based walk trails that meander through the Maidens Reserve. The Maidens is characterised by a series of high sand dunes offering extensive views of the city from several lookouts.

The area is of high conservation value as it supports a diverse range of species including numerous native orchids. The Maidens is also home to a healthy population of Tuart trees which have suffered declining numbers in recent years on other parts of the Swan Coastal Plain.


48 Hour Free Camping Maidens Walk CarPark

Fully self-contained recreational vehicle (RV) travellers can free-camp within the Maidens Reserve for 48-hours. This overnight rest area is unique in that it offers visitors a nature-based setting. Surrounded by mature Tuart trees this area offers a shaded place for visitors to rest.
Please obtain a permit from the Visitor Information Centre at Haley Street, Bunbury. If you arrive in Bunbury outside of the Visitor Information Centre opening hours, a City of Bunbury staff member will attend the rest areas each morning to provide permits.
Maximum of two vehicles at any one time. This location is suited to smaller RV’s due to the size of the parking area. It is not recommended for vehicles towing caravans.