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South Western Times Art Exhibition 2020 – Opening Night
14 February 2020 – 14 February 2020
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
The survey exhibition has a long history of showcasing creative talent from the South West region. We are excited to announce the artists exhibiting in South Western Times Art 2020.

Come along for an incredible evening of music, live performance, food, drink and contemporary art! Exhibition opens Friday 14 February, 7pm .

South Western Times Artists are: Alice Alder, Christine Baker, Penny Baker, Jenny Barr, Amanda Bell, Christine Blowfield, Tara Boulevard, Jeana Castelli, Rebecca Corps, Julie Cox, Cassie-Jo Davis, Tony Davis, Merle Topsi Davis, Joshua de Gruchy, Kate Debbo, Anthony Debbo, Sue Dennis, Sheree Dohnt, Yvonne Dorricott, Elizabeth Edmonds, Natalia Ford, Andrew Frazer, Mark Francis Grey-Smith, Anne Grotian, Shayne Hadley, Roslyn Hamdorf, Suzanna Hay, Simon Hemsley, Catherine Higham, Peter Hill, Sharon Hinchliffe, Sue Kalab, Peter Kovacsy, Dan Kus, Claire Linaker, Alice Linford Forte, Elisa Markes-Young, Lesley Meaney, Katharina Meister, Kellee Merritt, Katherine Papas, Kim Perrier, Geraldine Peterkin, Paul Reynolds, Rizzy, Liz Royce, Helen Seiver, Jessica Seroka, Sue Smorthwaite, Anne Sorensen, Britta Sorensen, Melissa Spencer, Frances Sullivan-Rhodes, Rosemary Taylor, Ian Thwaites, Neil Turner, Bianca Turri, Ross Vaughan, Mary Wallace, Jillian Warnock, Charlotte White, Paula Wiegmink, Chris Williamson, Tony Windberg, Michael Wise, Maddisson Witmitz, Christopher Young

For further information visit: https://brag.org.au/events/upcoming-exhibitions/eventdetail/662/-/opening-night-south-western-times-art-2020.html