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Rock Climbing

DIY abseilers should head to the Wellington Dam Quarry, an amphitheatre of sheer walls of solid granite up to 20 metres high. Marvel at the massive expanse of water and surrounding forest as you descend.

Or put on your climbing gear and take an ascent approach. Professional climbers recommend that when you first sample the joys to be had at Wellington Quarry it is advisable to climb a few grades lower than your comfort zone, at least until you get used to the place.

Michelle Foong

Routes tend to be deceptively steep and tricky and become a lot harder even after only a short shower. All lines are fully equipped with either ring bolts or fixed hangers, except for three routes which require traditional gear. Most routes are also equipped with lower-offs but there are some for which you need to top out. These usually have anchors available which are set back from the face. So six quick draws, gear to set up on the lower-offs and a fifty meter rope will get you up nearly all the lines.

Krish Seewraj

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