West Coast Trail Bike Safaris

One of the few WA private trail bike parks is located in BunGeo.

 West Coast Trail Bike Safaris and Riding Park near Kirup is located on a private property of 1200 acres, consisting of young blue gum trees and natural bush set amongst an undulating countryside of granite outcrops, creeks and gullies. 

This Riding Park is for everyone to ride together in a safe and controlled environment using an arrow system, and is open to trail bikes and four-wheelers. The trails are graded, a single arrow is an easy trail, a double arrow being an enduro trail and a triple arrow being technical riding for experienced riders.

Tracks range from 2kms to 80 kms in length. There are also Skills training area, plus Kids trails and a Peewee track available. Note, Because these parks are operated on private land you do not need a registered bike or a licence to ride there.

Alternatively, if you belong to a Motor trail club, you may also have access to other facilities in BunGeo, including trails at Ironstone, near Capel, which were recently used of the Motorcycling WA Capel 200.

Ed note: Trail bikes are not allowed in National Parks or on walk or mtb trails and riders are asked to respect the environmental and management reasons for this.