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Local Produce & Markets

Seek out proud BunGeo makers, bakers, sewers and growers, who share their wares and passions. Many of our producers are small farmers that have been toiling the land for generations or ‘tree-changers’ who have discovered how real living feels.

That said, we are also proud to be home to some of Australia’s largest and most successful producers, including Harvey Beef, Amelia Park Beef and Lamb, Blackwood Valley Beef & Lamb, Taste Dardanup DBC, Harvey Fresh, White Rocks Veal, Ha Ve Cheese, Karintha Orchards, Sumich Group, Castro Farms, and Pantane Produce.

For everything in one place, you must visit the legendary Bunbury Farmers Market which is referred to by chefs and journalists as the ‘IKEA of food’.


  1. Pick Your Own Produce
    Experience astonishingly fresh and flavoursome foods picked by your own hands! Across BunGeo a number of farmers welcome genuine, respectful gatherers to pick their own produce in season.
  2. Find A Farmgate
    Go on your own ‘foodie adventure’. BunGeo is quite literally about going back to the roots. It’s about getting out into the Geographe landscape to forage for the best and freshest ingredients.

    This is real ‘paddock to plate’ country with a plethora of farm fresh and organic options. There is no excuse to eat mass-produced in BunGeo! It’s always fresh, with growers moving with the rhythm of the seasons.

    Bunbury Geographe

13 BunGeo Weekend Markets
If you visit on the weekend, spend some time exploring our fabulous markets.