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History & Heritage

Breeder of Barons, pastoralists, miners and shipping heirs. Unravel BunGeo’s rich bounty of stories, told and untold. Some are easily discovered in museums, heritage walks, historic attractions and guided tours. Others lurk in dreamtimes, folklore and generations of tales.

Our History

For thousands and thousands of years, Noongars gathered in BunGeo to hunt and celebrate. A few centuries ago the Dutch, French, British and Americans discovered the shores of Geographe Bay and the fertile land beyond. Many stayed and prospered.

Historical Sites

Revel in BunGeo’s historic architecture and special sites. Our heritage beauties include the second oldest church in WA, the smallest church in WA, a haunted nunnery, a plethora of shipwrecks and much more.

Historic Walks & Trails

Take a meander through time and place. Explore the rich and interesting history and heritage of BunGeo on foot. You can pick up informative maps from visitor centres for you to follow on your own or join a free guided walking tours offered by various community groups and volunteers.

Find Our Historic Attractions