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Getting Around

Where your incredible journey begins. Getting around BunGeo is no hassle. By car is the best, but we also have a range of public transport options. Before you go pick up a map from one of the BunGeo Visitor Centres because sometimes Google maps can send you to weird and wonderful places.

By Road

From Bunbury, venture east to find cool art, taste the best food and wine and relax in wide-open spaces. The road ahead will wind you through historic villages, artist communities and spectacular forests that open across sweeping hills.  Pack a picnic of local produce and set-off on an exploration journey.

Bunbury is super- easy to get around. However, as it’s located on a peninsula, standard grid road systems don’t always apply. Traffic jams are uncommon in Bunbury – it’s one of the lifestyle reasons the locals love their home!  A delay of a couple of minutes is equivalent to ‘heavy traffic’.

Drop into a BunGeo Visitor Centre to pick up a map or use our interactive website map. Please note: Google maps is not always accessible in our more rural and forest dense locations.


Truly relax and have someone drive for you!

Public Transit Bus

TransBunbury buses depart regularly from the Bunbury Visitor Centre, located in the Old Railway Station building on Haley Street. They offer regular services throughout Bunbury and to Eaton, Australind and Dalyellup. Contact the Infoline 136213 or visit PTA.


Taxis are available: 24/7 in Bunbury.
Call 131 008 or (08) 9781 2220