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5 September 2021

13 Fishing Spots in BunGeo

Bunbury Geographe is surrounded by water from ocean, estuaries, rivers and dams. Water = fish. Not all the time, but it certainly helps! There are infinite fishing spots where you can embrace your ‘hunter-gatherer’ spirit.

Here’s a few to try:


    Fishing enthusiasts, try your hand at beach fishing at this beautiful location which is walking distance from the Peppermint Grove Beach Holiday Park. Try for Tailor in the evening. You may also snag a Yellowfin Whiting or Mulloway. Or head offshore toward the reef. If you fail, you can always buy fish & chips from nearby The Bay Fish Co!
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    If you fail, you can always buy fish & chips from nearby The Bay Fish Co!

    Off the beach or in your boat, this is a great fishing option. The Hutts actually got its name from old fishing huts that used to reside here. Be prepared to climb some stairs at Dalyellup.
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    Bunbury's Back Beach is a fairly good shore fishing spot for Herring and Tailor. The odd Mulloway will also turn up, mainly at night in the deeper channels. Favourite spots are near Hungry Hollow and south-break wall.
    The Bunbury Harbour is also a fairly good land based fishing spot, with the break-wall best for targeting Tailor and Mulloway. Inside the harbour, the deep shipping channel can produce some big Mulloway particularly at night.
    A popular land based fishing spot; the Cut in Bunbury produces Tailor, Herring, and Mulloway in summer. Fish off the on the rocks, jetty or from your boat.
    The Inlet produces Black Bream, Herring, Tailor, and Whiting. Lots of Blue Swimmer Crabs over the summer easily scooped up in a net. Good Yellowfin Whiting can be found around the floodgates. If you are crabbing with nets, use spleen.
    Two very popular beach fishing areas (and beach 4WD) in the region. Buffalo Beach produces some nice Mulloway and you should be able to get Tailor in the late afternoon. A little further south is Belvidere. The beach is well known for Whiting, Herring, Skippy, Tailor, and Mulloway in the summer.
    A popular and reasonably sheltered seaside fishing destination, with a reef running parallel to the shore. Beach fishing is best with Tailor, Sand and Yellowfin whiting, Herring, Flathead and Flounder. Silver bream caught all year round and the odd Mulloway is not uncommon. Those in the know say the beach north of the boat ramp (about 1.5km) after a rocky stretch is best. Fishing is also good in a boat - try for Dhufish, Baldchin groper, Skippy, Pink Snapper, Nanagai and the occasional large King George Whiting. There is a general store for your Fishing bait and appetite needs.
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    Fish off the beach or jump in your 4WD. Myalup is a relaxed, sleepy hollow and a fisherman’s dream. Common varieties of fish caught in the summer months include Tailor, Sand and Yellowfin whiting, Herring, Flounder, Gardies, Flathead, and small Shark. Silver bream are caught all year round and the odd Mulloway is not uncommon. Grab your bait from the local kiosk.
    River fishing is best in winter, when the systems are flowing, but you can still score a great catch. From Leschenault Estuary flats up to Treendale Road are countless snags and deep holes which hold good numbers of Black Bream and even Mulloway (in deep holes), as well as a few giant Herring, while farther upstream it offers Redfin Perch (active in summer) and Trout (less likely in summer). Surface fishing for Redfin Perch can be very exciting, look for insects and overhanging tree branches to cast surface poppers. Small hard body minnows fish well for Bream.
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    When fishing restrictions apply, the good news is some exceptions apply in the Collie and Donnybrook regions. Wellington Dam and Glen Mervyn Dam are open for freshwater angling all year round. However, fishing in the streams, brooks and tributaries flowing into those dams is prohibited during the closed freshwater angling season. The Collie River Catchment covers 3000km2 and includes the Wellington Dam and is made up of several tributaries, including Collie River East, Collie River South, Bingham River, Brunswick River, Gervase River, Hamilton River, Harris River, Ironstone Gully, Silver Wattle Gully, Worsley River, Riches Gully and Mill Brook.
    Fishing the Blackwood River isn’t prevalent, particularly in the summer months, but you can often find some good cobbler. Try Asplin Siding with a track leading down to the river (you can bring your caravan here too!), Jaynes Bridge, and the less accessible Willinarrup, 3 kms from Boyup Brook.
    Head to the Wrights Bridge Campsite approximately 11km south west of Balingup, on the Balingup-Nannup road. Best from late winter to early summer when the river is flowing strongly. Fish for Cobbler and Trout, plus marron in season.
  • Imagery: Michael Overland Media.