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23 March 2018

Lost and Found in BunGeo with Rayne

For our new Brand launch, we were privileged to be joined by some awesome guests who helped us celebrate all things Bunbury Geographe. One of those was business-woman, presenter, fashion and lifestyle blogger, and mother of three Rayne.

She shares her stay – getting Lost and Found in Bunbury:

Last month I got to experience the ‘new’ Bunbury or ‘Bun Geo’ as it’s now affectionately known.  We were taken on a ‘lost and found’ journey exploring the streets and seeing all the beautiful sites that Bunbury has to offer.

From one eye-opening experience to the next, we landed on the shore of Bunbury beach where we were entertained and ate till our little hearts were content. The local food, wine and cider were all delectable. I was just sorry I had to drive straight back to Perth so I missed out on indulging in my usual piggy capacity.

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