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Bunbury Lighthouse Lookout

Marlston Drive, Bunbury WA 6230

Bunbury’s lighthouse is relatively new, but its chequered exterior makes it a favourite with photographers. You can see the lighthouse from most places in Bunbury. It stands 25 metres tall and can be seen 27 kilometres out to sea.

There have been multiple styles and alterations to the previous lighthouses that were used in Bunbury to guide the ships safely into Koombana Bay. The first lighthouse was in the form of a beacon placed on a keg at a point close to the current lighthouse to alert ships.  The first wooden lighthouse was built in 1870. The wooden lighthouse was replaced in 1901 with a temporary skeletal tower. In 1903 the provisional tower was superseded by a cast iron beacon. In 1959, the cast iron tower was raised in height with a cylindrical extension and new lantern; these parts were then incorporated into the present lighthouse when it was built in 1970.

The Lighthouse is not open to the public. However, it is easily viewed from the nearby beachside dual use paths. surrounds and nearby CBD.


Images: Shot By Luke Williams, Johnnzoz, From Miles Away