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Harvey Dam and Amphitheatre

Weir Road, Harvey WA 6220
Harvey Dam is a large, impressive waterway with fantastic facilities and a stunning amphitheatre.
Constructed in 1916, the original Harvey Weir was part of the first irrigation scheme in WA About 100 men were employed using horse and dray for all the excavation works. After many expansions, the dam is 56 gigalitres with a surface area at full storage of 553 hectares. Catchment area – 126 square kilometres.
Other features include walkways, landscaped recreational areas, free electric BBQs, playground facilities, shady gazebo’s, picnic tables and toilets.  Strictly ‘No Camping’ at Harvey Dam
Marroning, trout and perch fishing are permitted only at the rear of the dam in the season with a permit. Grab a canoe, as no power boats are allowed.
Gibbs Pool amphitheatre often hosts major events and concerts.
Harvey Dam is only 2.5kms from Harvey on Weir Road/Harvey-Quindanning Road.
Image: Sean Smith