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Harvey Internment Camp Memorial Shrine

South Western Highway, Harvey WA 6220

Understand our WWII Internment history at the Harvey’s Internment Camp Memorial Shrine. The only roadside shrine of its type in the world, it was built by prisoners of war in the 1940s.

When Mussolini and Hitler joined forces and declared war on Great Britain and France, all German and Italian migrants living in the allied countries were categorised as enemy aliens and subsequently interned in camps. One of these camps was situated in Harvey, known as Camp #11 with more than 1000 internees.

One of the prisoners instigated the construction of an altar made of stone, depicting the Catholic faith. The shrine still stands today and was enclosed in a chapel in 1992.

Housed in the chapel are several sculptures and an “Australia Remembers” static display.

The She-Wolf (known as Lupa)

The Internment Camp Shrine houses a replica sculpture of the she-wolf and the two suckling’s Romulus and Remus. Sculptured by a creative Italian internee who coped with the boredom of camp life by exercising his talents.

Light House

This sculpture by Dante Giacomel, of a replica Light House was donated to Dr Francis Gordon Stimson for his son Donald Stimson by the internees in 1942. Dr F. G. Stimson was the camp doctor for the duration of hostilities (1939-1945) and was appreciated very much for his caring towards the internees. The sculpture was donated back to the Shrine by the Stimson family

Internment Camp Fountain

The Internment Camp Shrine Committee secured a grant of $20,000 in 2002 to erect a Water Fountain at the Shrine. This project was completed in 2002.

To access the inside of the Internment Camp Memorial Shrine, a key must be collected from the Harvey Visitor Centre along with a small deposit, which will be returned with the return of the key.

Afterwards, continue on the Harvey Heritage Trail Walk.