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King Jarrah Tree

King Tree Road, Wellington Mill WA 6236

Be awed by nature with a visit to the King Jarrah Tree. It is the largest, easily accessible tree in the BunGeo.

This majestic Jarrah tree is estimated to be between 300 and 500 years old. Standing about 36 metres tall, it has survived bushfires, storms, lighting and insect attack.

The King Jarrah Tree is located in the 4,000 hectare Wellington National Park, which offers extensive walk and mountain bike trails.  A protective boardwalk follows its circumference allowing an intimate view of this majestic old tree. Afterwards, head off on a walk through beautiful gum forests to shake out your limbs.

Following the river path from this tree, Wellington Dam is only a scenic 111-kilometre drive away. Uncover the secrets of the jarrah forest via the ‘Living Window’ of the Wellington Discovery Forest, where different sites reveal how the forest areas are managed.

Tip: The biggest Jarrah tree in Australia is hidden deep in the Mornington State Forest near Brunswick Junction.  Only accessible by 4WD, the Jarrah Hadfield is more than 10 metres in circumference – try wrapping your arms around that – and more than 260 years old.