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Tuart Forest National Park

Tuart Drive, WA 6271

We share this gem with the Margaret River region. The narrow strip of Tuart (Eucalyptus gomphocephala) forest that links Capel and Busselton is one of the special places of the South-West.

The Tuart Forest National Park protects the largest remaining pure forest of Tuart in the world. It also has the tallest and largest specimens of Tuart trees on the Swan Coastal Plain. Some trees are more than 33 metres high and 10 metres in girth.

There is also a thriving community of fungi, including some species yet to be named.

The park also protects WA’s largest remaining wild population of the endangered western ringtail possum. This is largely because old Tuart trees contain many hollows, while the dense secondary storey of peppermint supplies their major source of food. The forest is also home to the densest population of brushtail possums ever recorded in the State.

Other residents include the brush-tailed phascogale, bush rat, kangaroo, quenda (also known as the southern brown bandicoot), at least 11 species of birds of prey and nocturnal birds. Adjoins the Ludlow State Forest.