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Tuart Walk

209 Ocean Drive, South Bunbury WA 6230

A picturesque and easy walk through Tuart forest.

Start: Corner of Ocean Drive and Mosedale Avenue,
Length: 1.2km
Surface: Bitumen

This is a picturesque walk meandering through the tuart forest between Usher (South Bunbury) and Dalyellup (Capel). The highlight of this walk are the majestic tuart trees which grow up to 40 metres high and occur in the 420 kilometre strip between Busselton in the south to Jurien Bay in the north. The understorey includes a myriad of banksia trees — including the candle and bull banksias – which bear unusual cylindrical seeding cones. The area’s early inhabitants, the Noongar people, used the banksia flowers to make sweet drinks. You will also find some rare and beautiful species of wild orchids such as the king spider orchid in this park.