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The Donnybrook-Balingup region is located among the picturesque Preston and Blackwood valleys, and is bursting with cute historic, produce-driven towns and hamlets.


Travelling through BunGeo’s valleys, you’ll come to Donnybrook on the banks of the Preston River, colloquially known as the Apple capital of Western Australia. The sweet, beautiful apple has inspired many as the symbol of life – and it’s a fabulous life you will find in Donnybrook. It was first settled in 1894 by five Irishmen and named after a suburb of Dublin in Ireland. After a short gold rush in the 1890s, miners turned their skills to growing fruit. The first Granny Smith apple tree was planted in 1900, although the apple industry did not get started until after the Great War. It went from strength to strength and became the breeding ground for the Lady Williams apple variety. Today, you can eat your way through Donnybrook with quaint roadside stalls selling seasonal local produce from stone fruit and cherries in summer, famous Donnybrook apples in autumn, and more. Modern-day fossicking is also encouraged in the many local shops, antique stores and buildings made of famous Donnybrook Stone.

This is apple country and home of the Lady Williams. Further down the road is Balingup – laid back, a little bohemian and one of the prettiest town in BunGeo.



Balingup would have to be one of the prettiest towns in Western Australia. Nestled in the Blackwood River Valley, Balingup is surrounded by rolling hills, forests and orchards and is renowned for its spring blossom, amazing autumn colours and misty winter mornings. Laid-back, a little bohemian and creative, Balingup is a magical combination of stunning, natural beauty, cosy cafes, and buzzing markets. Super-cute shops fill the main street, and there is always a quirky event on offer, with the Balingup Medieval Carnivale, the Small Farm Field Day and the Telling Tales festivals among the perennial favourites. Note, costumes are mandatory if you want to be truly part of the community spirit.

The Donnybrook-Balingup region also includes the quaint, historic towns and hamlets of Brookhampton, Kirup, and Mullalyup, plus Yabberup, Mumballup and Lowden in the Preston Valley.

14 Must Dos in Donnybrook-Balingup

You know they’re crazy ’bout apples when they even have an ‘Apple Park’.