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Harvey Region

The Harvey region is the largest and most diverse in the Geographe, from enviable beaches, rich coastal plains to the rugged, undulating forest of the Darling Scarp. Where diversity thrives, great experiences are sure to follow….


Surrounded by fertile, irrigated plains on the banks of the Harvey River, Harvey is one of Australia’s prime producing regions with a rich Italian heritage. During World War II about 1000 Italian men, including Australian-born and naturalised Italians, were detained as enemy aliens in the State’s first purpose-built internment camp. Many stayed on after the war, and their Italian influence still lingers. Paddocks are filled with orange trees, dairy cows and vines, with the occasional charmingly dilapidated barn, a white fenced equestrian stud, or an impressive heritage property that would be equally at home in an Australian Country Style magazine. Many of the big guys in food are based here – from Harvey Beef to Harvey Fresh; the list is impressive. As you head east, the region changes from farming land to ruggedly beautiful Jarrah forest and natural waterways for the outdoor-fanatics to explore.

Surrounded by rich, irrigated plains on the banks of the Harvey River, Harvey is one of Australia’s prime producing regions with a rich Italian heritage.



Toe-dippers, anglers and skippers find themselves in Australind. Virtually surrounded by water, with 14 kms of Estuary at its door, the Collie and Brunswick Rivers running through it, and untouched beaches only minutes away, there’s no better place for water lovers.


These seaside towns come hamlets are most at home in relaxed mode. They are carefree destinations of decades ago. Children can explore their heart’s content, and low-key adventures and heartfelt hospitality combine to make it a holiday many repeat, year after year.  Stroll and loll, and greet anglers as they pull in a catch – a reef runs parallel to the shore offering great fishing particular from December to April. Even in summer, you’ll often have the beach to yourself. And, in many places, you can drive along the beach too!


Brunswick is a little cow-mad and is colloquially known as the “Cream of the South West”. This is the heart of dairying country. Peter’s Creameries has been here for generations, and the surrounding region supplies the majority of Western Australia’s milk supply.  Set amid rolling hills at the base of the Darling Scarp, it has an extensive network of irrigation channels keeps the dairy pastures green all year round.  Likewise, are the nearby peaceful hamlets of Benger and Roelands.


Devastatingly destroyed by bushfires. Stay tuned for details of its resurrection.

15 Must Dos in the Harvey Region

Beaches, Paddocks, Paperbarks… Ah, we have them all in Harvey Region!